Thursday, May 28, 2009

trial and error... and trial again...

That has been the story of Miss G's life the past 2 weeks, try this formula, oh you hate it? you scream in pain every time you eat? ok, NEXT!
Try Alimentum, works, most of the time, we are willing to work with it since the screaming is only 1/2 the time as it was before. What? Ready to feed works better for her than powder? Well, maybe....
or maybe NOT....since she started projectile vomiting and screaming her full head off at the same time.
Next up, Zantac. and Alimentum. it's a double whammy - it's GOT to work. right?
We will give it a fair shot and pray that it helps her.

As you know I have been working form home. It's nice, it works, it helps pay the bills. But it doesn't pay all the bills, so I must go back. Tuesday I start a few half days before the big day comes where I work all day like a big girl again.
I am looking forward to it and dreading it equally. It will be nice to be able to do ALL of my own work and know it won't be screwed up, it will be nice to be out of the house, in real clothes, talking to real adults. It will suck being away from her, wondering how she is doing...and some of my coworkers, they aren't the ideal adults to hang out with.
We will make it. It will be ok.

Also - I registered for my first grad school class today. It took me no less than an hour to figure it out, starting with logging in since they never sent me the information?!! But, it's done. I accepted my financial aid - just put it on my tab. I have to get the info for the rest of the classes, but I am looking forward to starting (and subsequently finishing!).

Weight loss, it's going I think? I don't regularly weight myself, I just strive to zip up my pants...
Speaking of pants, I had to go out and buy new ones, just a few pairs, because I don't think gym shorts are appropriate for work. I will cry tears of happiness when they "new" pants don't fit anymore - because they are too BIG!
The running - it is going pretty good. Slow and steady right? I decided on a local 5k on Sept. 13. Next week I am going to add in one of the other workout programs to work on toning and such... cuz really, no one likes fat arms and jiggly tummy.

And honestly, I am overwhelmed. I have lately had more bad days than good. The way I view myself, totally screwed up, but better some days than others. I am getting things figured out one day at a time and learning to adjust to our new life. I will always try to do more than I can, I can't help it. But I have promised to just let certain things go and spend more time just being present and enjoying life.

so ya, pretty much my entire life the past few weeks has consited of trial and error, more error in there than I would like, but we never stop trying!


Anonymous said...

oooh what's your grad school area of focus???
My thoughts are with you- I think you are pretty overwhelmed right now. Getting out of the house is going to do you good, I think!

renee said...

i really hope the combo works for her/you lol. and you really are braver than me, i could never go back to "work". have fun and keep up the good work with the workouts. as soon as i get a nanny, i'll be right there with ya....oh wait, that wont ever happen lol :D oh and YAH for a goal (the 5k with a set date)