Sunday, March 2, 2008

i think the stork is lost...

so i found out yesterday that TWO more people that I know are pregnant... TWO in ONE day! * The one I am really happy for (even if they did manage to get knocked up on the first try...wth?) the other one, of course it is great, even if you aren't married and don't work.... w/e.

I was telling mike how I am happy for them but I don't understand how everyone who doesn't want a baby gets one and also how [almost] everyone else who wants one gets one too, sooner than later. I know we have only been trying for 3 months - but why does that seem like SO long? and I know I am a little premature on saying we aren't pg this month - since I won't "officially" know until friday - but I just have a feeling that we aren't.

Some women say they "feel" pregenant - yesterday and today I just feel like shit. what does that mean? my stomach is all crampy and yelling at me and I am tried (more like just mentally exhausted...what's new?). oh well, it's a very busy week for me so I think friday will come up here pretty quickly.... damn it i hope so.

*this total does not include the one i found out about earlier in the week, young newlweds got pg while on the pill..... seriously??
also not included is someone i know who thought they were going to need IVF but concieved naturally - this is a gift from Him and i think it is amazing. (i hope it happens to another someone soon....)

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Jen said...

Maybe the stork just doesn't like the weather in NEO right now?
I hope your wait is short and you get what you want soon. Hang in there!