Wednesday, March 5, 2008

inside looking out

so lately i feel like i have been in sort of a strange space - like just going through the motions, sometimes more enthusiastically than others, while watching everyone else advance and get ahead in ways that i wish that i was.

i KNOW that i am heading in that direction - clearly all of this work is going to get me somewhere eventually - it's just hard to wait. to wait for a change to occur, something to happen that will help my future. i have done a few things to benefit me, and am currently working on a project, but that isn't really what i am talking about.

I am talking about moving forward - it feels like my life is standing still. i am still in school. i am still in the same town. my husbands career (?!) isn't really moving (anywhere....). it's almost like running in place. Yet i am watching almost everyone i know work [less] hard buying homes, getting promotions, moving up, expanding their familes.... running forward......

again, another one of those things that i know will happen - and another someday that is forever away.

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