Friday, March 28, 2008

good talk.

Why is it when you have a break (as in spring break) it goes by at lightning speed, but when I have a test - the week drags on like it's never going to end? hmmm anyway....

Last night we were in bed chatting about life and just our days in general b/c we hadn't seen each other all day - and Mike asked me a very real question. "What do you want to do before we have a baby?" and of course there are things I would like to do... have a house (there are other reasons for not doing this besides finances), go on expensive luxurious vacations we can't afford regardless of the timing of a baby, "be crazy" (we aren't), more vacations.... but not one single thing is more important to me than starting a family - well maybe except finishing school - but that won't be hindered in any way.

Of course I had to ask him the same thing... and he had the same answer [good job honey!]. But really - we have 2 pretty new cars from our car crisis last year.... we have enough room... $$ will be an issue forever but we are working on making it better... we are emotionally ready... so - No - nothing is really that pressing that we would say lets not start a family right now so we can do (insert tangible item here).

as far as TTC is conserned...technically this would be the "TWW" period or one week b/c it's half over i guess (?)- i don't know about any 'early' symptoms, i just wait until good old AF comes and move on from there! so, we'll let you know next week!

so it was a good talk. mike decided that he doesn't know about this 'ovulation business', he wants a baby and only knows one way to get it.... lol. ready or not.... let the "official" trying resume in april. (or not... fingers crossed)

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