Sunday, March 2, 2008

Yes I am busy, but......

if i was going to do that, i would have done it already.....

Thank you for your concern. My life is busy - really busy somedays, will get busier in the future, that's ok. [isn't that why they call it life?]
Just because we want to have a child, does not in anyway shape or form mean that I want to quit pursuing my career that I have worked my ASS off trying to accomplish. Doctors have familys too. We want more than b/w 3-4kids, can't be starting that when I am 30 and done w/ residency, we want to be "young" parents, as in young enough to have more later and to take care of them now. I know it's hard to understand what I do everyday if you aren't living it - it's hard for me to understand how my life will change when my schedule changes to that of a "real" doctor nxt year in clerkships, but I am excited, we will adapt w/ or w/o a child - it'll be ok. Just remember, this is by choice - we want this to happen, we can handle it!

Here are a few things I will never become: a SAHM, WAHM, PTA lady, room mother, soccer mom..... you get my drift.... I will be involved as much as possible but I will never be as involved as some women who have more flexible schedules. Now, if I am blessed with said flexible schedule later in life - we'll talk then.

What I will be: a mother, wife, physician, healer, book reader, bath giver, tickle monster, listener....... see what i mean - i can still be all of those things to my children w/o being home with them all the time, plenty of women do it everyday, if anything i feel like i will cherish the time with my little ones more b/c there will be less of it. (the time with my husband too for that fact)

so for those of you (and i know who you are) out there who are worried that I am going to get knocked up and quit school - put your minds at ease, i will still be able to write your prescriptions one day soon (ok in 2.4 years!)

besides, how the hell else will i pay off my 200k in debt?

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