Sunday, March 16, 2008

just for fun

so after much deliberation.... the month of march has been determined to be a month of having sex just for fun.... all month!!!

here are a few reasons why:
  • the stress level in our house is THRU THE ROOF for a million different reasons (will get there in a minute)
  • i am supposed to O the day of a test, not the week of spring break which is after the test of course... perfect timing huh?
  • it's our anniversary next week
  • a need for some change.....

so the stress issue - things have gotten a little rough around the edges for a few reasons, sort of suddenly. all revolving around the almighty fucking dollar. i don't work - can not work - and hate it, but damn, there aren't enough hours in the day. Husband has 3 jobs - 2 of them should really be considered "side" jobs, but his "main" job he is a subcontractor that works at different car dealerships repairing alloy rims when they are messed up (curbed/scuffed etc) - outside. The beautiful weather we have been having has really done wonders for this normally ok business the past 4-5 weeks let me tell you...... which in turn has done wonders for our checkbook..... so, stress level has gone up about 98337 notches unexpectedly. While husband works on fixing this problem (by getting a new job....) - sex for fun it is.

I am confident things will work out (what else can i be?) and in the mean time - I will just be supportive. It's not like he doesn't work... he just doesn't work enough. it makes feel like a bitch and a half always bringing it up but, he's finally on board with the "oh shit, this is really a problem - must fix it" attitude. oh ya... and IRS is going to be knocking on our door here in a few wks b/c of said subcontracing job --- we owe them some cash... so, increase that stress level a few more notches. there is some work coming in this week for sure - helps a lot to know that - so i can let out some of the breath i have been holding....

so just keep a little extra good thought in your head that he gets a better job sooner than later, k thanks!

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Anonymous said...

Hey hun... just a thought- if Mike is interested I know Coke has been hiring merchandisers and the money isn't amazing but it's not too bad either... he can go to and click on "Careers" then do a search for Akron, Ohio and he can look at the jobs posted (Bulk Merchandiser is what it's called) and apply there if he's interested. Ron and Ryan both work there so how fun would it be for Mike to be there too- we'd have a blast at the Xmas parties! haha... but just a thought! It's a good job but there's a lot of work so a lot of overtime sometimes (which is cha ching!!!) but just a thought... ttys!!
p.s. i dont know how to log in so we just went with "anonymous" lol