Sunday, March 30, 2008

ebay adventures

the past 2 days i have been a bum - i mean really, i didn't think i could be this freaking lazy! granted i did do all of our laundry (almost... i'm working on it ok!) clean up the kitchen and living room and upstairs and i am also currently finishing up a paper for school - but other than that - i have been lazy.

so the lazyness has led me to explore the wonders of ebay. i have always had a fondness for the website, but never really explored it to it's full potential - the ridiculous things people sell on that website is amazing. but what is more amazing - people buy that shit!


  • young man selling his girlfriends "crabs" - you figure it out
  • a male chastity belt - yes really
  • same young man as above selling his girlfriends "beaver" - no i am not kidding
  • MILF boob art - swear on my life
  • an empty bucket from KFC - with crumbs

i also discovered you can buy pregancy tests .... on ebay... new ones people, in the package. (eww i know what you were thinking) i knew you could buy them online but for some reason it never occured to me that anyone would auction off a pregnancy test or an OPK. to the highest bidder you can now check your hcg level.... But economically it's a good idea - b/c damn are those things expensive!

oh ya, and i have a sore throat that won't quit- i wonder if i can get a cough drop off of ebay too. ::runs quickly to check:: [kidding!!]

btw one last thing - i accept all comments, just putting that out there, i know you are reading this..... ;)

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KC said...

a little late but better then never. Ebay does have some crazy sh*t for sale. Hmm maybe checking out all of Ebay's craziness today while I have nothing to do.