Wednesday, March 12, 2008

3 to go

another test grade documented.... best one yet!

my avg is getting better (although really i feel like it should be better, the not so good grades weren't THAT bad....) but nonetheless - it's getting better and i am feeling more at ease, not that i will work any less hard, but i just feel better (as in not like a failure!)

3 tests to go.... one nxt friday and 2 after spring break (ok well 4 if you count the comprehensive basic science exam, but i am not counting this one - i need to be doing well enough before this exam so that it won't hurt me to do not so well on it, it's hard, i will clearly do my best, but that's really not my point!)

so i am breathing a little easier.... back to the books for another week and half - then a break!

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