Thursday, February 28, 2008

to test or not to test....

so, as it stands right now - tomorrow I will be 7dpo, i don't "feel" pregnant, what is that supposed to "feel" like anyway?!! honestly, i am intelligent but damnit i can't figure this one out!

i know there are 'signs & symptoms' that you can read about but really i think that the more i read about these kinds of things the more i can make them up! (the whole psycosomatic thing).

& Really - I am scared of the HPT!! I don't even want to look at them... I just assume they will be negative, no matter what! I don't know if it's b/c I am friend's with so many people who have had problems with infertitlity or if i am just scared. The past two months i have just waited for AF to come and that was that.... never peed on a stick yet.

This month I want to know sooner...

or do I??

The soonest I would test would be next wed or thursday, prob. thursday b/c that is closer to friday which is when AF is due.* (and i am less busy on thusday)

we'll see what i decide -- i have a test the next day, i don't want to be unfocused either by excitment or dissappointment....

this babymaking buisness is more challenging than i imagined!

*no need to see a negative sooner than necessary right?

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