Monday, March 3, 2008

too short

I went to calling hours again today - he was in his 40's i think,and passed away suddenly on Thursday. Their family is just as close as ours and you could see the pain on their faces through the smiles they tried to wear as they would see another relative/friend/mourner. It was touching to see so many people there - funerals bring out the best in people I guess.

They also bring out the sentimental side.
I was just thinking that there is no way I could deal with losing my sisters - I can't even think of it. no. i can't. And they are all just as close as we are, so i can't imagine the pain - but they will go on, he will live in them every day.

It seems lately that people are just leaving us so soon, I know that there is a reason, what that reason is, I don't know. The one thing I have taken away from this loss and the loss of Carter is just to take each day for what it is - say my I love you's (and mean them), not putting off things that are important and really just trying to do what I feel is best for me - not what everyone else thinks is best for me [this is really hard to do most of the time].

so - i love you guys.

((oh ya, and as a side note, I found out someone else is pg today while i was at the funeral - is this some kind of sick joke?))

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