Monday, April 30, 2012

Random Annoyances

  • The fact that I have 232 blog posts started and not finished because they just don’t sound right.
  • When grown ass women (or men, for that matter) refer to their significant other as “my baby”.  No, they are not, in fact a baby.
  • Loud breathers
  • People who stand ::this:: close to you when you are trying to check out at the grocery store. Keep your eggs on your own side of the register!
  • Loud typers
  • Laundry.  Pretty much in general.
  • My hair.  It’s a mess these days and I can’t even deal with it!
  • This freaking cold that is hanging on for dear life!
  • Clomid induced migraines.
  • The fact that our vacation is still MONTHS away
  • The weeds in my yard
  • That my to-do (or NEED TO DO) list never seems to get any shorter
  • Going through the newborn and 0-3month clothes from when Gianna was a baby. To give away. And not to use for a new baby of our own.
  • The addictiveness that is Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs. Good thing I only have 3 left…..
  • What’s annoying you lately?



alison said...

Women referring to their significant others as "my man" drives me batshitcrazy. It's so... possessive, or something. And sounds very insecure. Nobody is trying to move in on her MAN, trust me.

I hate people in close proximity all the time. This lady was thisclose to me the other day while I was waiting to buy my sandwich at the deli. I purposefully stepped back into her, well within my bubble. And she looked startled that my purse brushed her. I'm like LADY GET OUT OF MY BUBBLE.

Danifred said...

The clomid migraines were AWFUL!

Mazzy said...

My MIL sill refers to my husband as "baby" and it makes my blood boil. And she does it in even worse context, like "Go get me a drink, baby" without saying please or getting off her own gigantic behind to just do it on her OWN and maybe BURN A FEW CALORIES IN THE PROCESS?! (novel idea, eh?)

Can you tell what's annoying me right now?