Monday, April 2, 2012

more observations of a toddler

  • As we wind down the "official “toddler” days – I am continually amazed at just how KID-like G is.
  • She plays VERY well independently – actually, as I type this  she is reading to her “pets” in her playroom.  She can sit in there for a VERY long time doing this.
  • Our conversations are pretty awesome these days.  Today when we were discussing why putting a pond in the driveway probably isn’t a good idea she said “it beats me, mom” when I asked her what would live in said pond.
  • She is a great helper.  And rocks at doing her chores when asked.
  • Will use her computer to “work” with me.
  • Generally makes me smile and laugh every single day.
  • The girl has a ridiculous memory – I mean RIDICULOUS – I can’t believe all the little details that stay in her little brain.
  • Naps are far and few between lately because she is stubborn. Not because she isn’t tired.  If you put her in the car around 1pm, it is a guarantee that she will fall asleep.
  • We got G’s “big girl bed” at Ikea last week but we still haven’t gotten a mattress for it – it is her birthday present, therefore whenever anyone asks her what she wants for her birthday she says “I got a nice new bed”
  • She can sign “cousin” and I think that is pretty cool
  • Lately, she has been extra mommy-loving and I have been enjoying every.single.minute of it.



alison said...

Ahh, she's growing up so fast! Welcome to the preschooler years. :)

Aunt Jacqui - and baby cousin! said...

I have to say I am biased and love that she knows how to sign cousin and did it to me the other day I almost cried! She will be the best big cousin ever!!

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