Sunday, April 22, 2012

120 something days from now

Did I happen to mention that we are going to Disney again this summer?

In 120 something days to be vaguely exact and OMG I seriously can not wait.  Oh, and we haven’t told Gianna about it.  Mostly because she has no concept of time and you know, would want to go RIGHT NOW.  But I am sort of contemplating doing an actual “surprise” for her.

With the big 3rd birthday behind us – my brain needs something else to occupy it and planning this vacation is it.

Last year was a freaking CRAZY ass trip  - busy, fun, tiring, not at all a vacation!  This year, we are staying a whole week with 5 days at the parks – it should be MUCH more relaxing.  Or, that’s the idea anyway.

The major planning is done - thanks to the awesome that IS Disney.  We are staying at the Caribbean Beach Resort (we couldn’t decide between a beach or a disney vacation this year, this hotel seemed like a logical middle ground!).

We are also going during a free dining plan promotion, which seriously, if you want to do Disney with you family is a HUGE (like $800 for the 3 of us HUGE) savings.  And I am SO EXCITED over our dining reservations.  We have everything all set up (Portobello, Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater [lunch], Chef Mickey’s [breakfast], Akershus Royal Banquet Hall [princess breakfast], 1900 park fare [cinderella dinner], via napoli [dinner]) and our 3 year old is going to LOSE HER MIND!

ANYWAY! I’m already thinking about little ways I can make this trip special for her – because while she does remember our trip last year, I feel like this time she will REALLY remember it.  Also, ways I can make our stay there not cost a zillion dollars because she WANTS EVERYTHING.

I am going with the “anticipate most needs” approach – I plan to bring fun glow sticks for at night, a picture/autograph book, I want to make a fun autograph pen for her and who knows what I will think of between now and then. Pinterest and my own inner need to be crafty and thrifty are fueling this fire – in a good way, this kind of stuff is fun for me.  What do you think I could “pre pack” that she would want when we get to the parks?

I’m sure she won’t be totally deprived of overpriced souvenirs, but you know, less is more?

Also – the one big splurge I am tossing around is the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique.  They do the girls hair/nails etc so they look like their favorite princess.  last year she wasn’t old enough, but this year she is.  Of course it’s totally ridiculous and overpriced, but I think she will LOSE HER MIND over it – which makes it worth it in my eyes.  Has anyone actually done this? I’d love to hear your experiences (good and bad).  If we do it, we plan to bring her princess dresses from home (I mean, we’ll probably bring a few of them anyway!).

The weekends between now and vacation are literally jam packed and I just really can’t wait to be back at the most magical place on earth with my family.


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alison said...

I know Jamie (the friend I introduced you to on twitter - @banker_chick) just got back from Disney this weekend, and the went to the Bibbidi Bobbidi boutique. Her daughter had a smile plastered on her face, so I think it was a hit. :) Little L is just a day older than B, so I think G's in the perfect age range too. I'm taking notes, keep up the awesome planning work! :)