Saturday, April 28, 2012

Gianna’s Pink Spring 3rd Birthday Party

Gianna - 3

This past weekend we had the big 3rd birthday party for our THREE YEAR OLD!

It had to be pink, because that is her favorite.

She was totally stoked for party day!

4.21  (44)4.21  (47)

(we’ve used the same “happy birthday” sign since her 1st bday party!)

And there was lots of pink everywhere – I didn’t get awesome pictures of the setup, but it looked cute. and pink!

4.21  (52)4.21  (55)

(the “sweet treats”)

4.21  (66)4.21  (59)

(tissue paper pom poms recycled from this baby shower for a little fun!)

4.21  (57)4.21  (63)

(BALLOONS! and fun treat bags for G’s friends)

There were also lots of friends to play princesses with!

4.21  (71)4.21  (87)4.21  (77)4.21  (113)

4.21  (154)4.21  (146)

Uncle’s to climb on.

4.21  (92)

Cake to eat

4.21  (122)4.21  (129)4.21  (136)4.21  (132)

And naturally, presents!

4.21  (163)4.21  (219)4.21  (225)

She had a pretty excellent day, if I do say so myself.

4.21  (25)

And we couldn’t love her more!



Kuparstwn said...

So fun! I loved Maris's pink party last year. What punch recipe did you use? We have a Fancy Nancy party coming up in a couple weeks... I haven't picked a punch yet.

Danifred said...

So cute and so fun! I love themes :)

alison said...

Too cute! And so! much! pink! I live vicariously through you when it comes to pink. :)

Mazzy said...

I love everything about this party, you did such a marvelous job. And I love her dress! She looks so big and perfectly pink!!! ADORABLE!