Friday, April 6, 2012

Friday night leftovers

  • This has been a crazy week at work (and outside of work). When both aspects of my life are crazy, it makes for an overwhelmed Andrea.
  • Today started with some serious snuggles from my best girl. Seriously, the BEST way to start a day.
  • Our office was only opened for a 1/2 day, but I still worked 7 hours. I was home earlier than normal though, so that was pretty great.
  • Have you ever been, you know…. in the middle of relations….. and been interrupted by “MOMMY! You are home!. Ya, me either…..
  • I can’t believe that in less than 1 week I will have a 3 year old. That went SO FREAKING FAST!
  • But the almost-three year old is pretty awesome, I know I say that a lot, but really, she is!
  • We bought a huge PAX wardrobe from Ikea recently and it has been a TRIP getting that thing put together, but it is finally almost done and I am so dang excited about the closet it is a little ridiculous.
  • Going out to dinner with friends tonight – hooray for GNO!
  • This will be Gianna’s 4th Easter – and she is turning 3. Kinda cool, huh?
  • I had this feeling today of just pure happiness.  Happy with my job, happy with my husband, happy with my daughter and house and blah blah blah.  Sure, I wish for a few things – and am praying for more children – but that doesn’t mean I am not totally happy with where I am right now. 
  • I hope everyone has a great weekend celebrating (or not celebrating) whatever holiday you choose!


**don’t forget to hang out over at Danifred’s since she is the host of FNL!

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