Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A letter to my daughter: THREE(!) years later

Gianna -

I really can not wrap my brain around the fact that you are three today.  Everyone told us before you were born to “enjoy them when they are little” because it goes by so fast.  And you know what, they were RIGHT!

They were so, so, so very right. 

I hardly remember this version of you:


Or this one:

6.11  (10)9.10  (1)4.21  (5)12.27  (20)

Just a year ago you were talking up a storm, just learning how to be hilarious, and naturally, still as adorable as ever.


The year of 2 you earned the badge of “world traveler”. You are certainly a more versed plane traveler than I was at 3!

You went to Disney and met some of your favorite princesses.DSC_0796DSC_0819DSC_0894DSC_0944DSC_1038DSC_1187

And to ITALY!

10.21 - Venice (14)10.22 - Venice (291)10.23 - Croatia  (105)10.27 - Florence & Pisa  (6)10.25 - Sorrento & Pompeii  (279)10.26 - Rome  (148)

We’ve had a busy year. A fun year. You have learned so much new stuff, put your dancing skills to work in dance class and have mastered the art of conversation.

9.7  (2)5.14  (3)

There is so  much of this year that I definitely won’t forget.  We got to spend a lot of time together while I was not working and I would NOT trade that time for the world.  I learned more in those few months than I ever imagined – and have so many awesome memories that are forever etched into my memory.  Being your mommy is the greatest thing I have ever done, watching you grow, learn, smile, whine, roll your eyes and make silly faces – it’s what gets me through every single day.



While you aren’t a big sister yet, I know that when that time comes, you will rock the socks off of that role.  You care for your babies, and anything that is “itty bitty tiny” with such love that I know whenever we are able to bring home a baby to our house, you will be amazing.  And you will get lots of practice in your new role as Big Cousin in the fall.

My favorite parts of the day are when you kiss me goodbye in the morning and say “I need to hug you, mommy” followed up by “you’ll be back though” (because Mommy’s ALWAYS come back!) before I go to work.  And when I come home and you give me a big kiss and say “I missed you mommy! How was wewk?”.  Followed by our nightly story where you snuggle up right next to me before you fall asleep. 


Now you spend your days with your daddy – I love that you get to spend so much time with him.  You guys have great adventures!

A lot of people mistake you as older, probably because you will talk the ear off of anyone who will listen (or not) to you.  And because you are so tall!  But you are still hanging on to some “little” words – like “blanna” & “elphanent”.  I can’t bring myself to correct you, because really, it’s adorable.

You are totally AWESOME, Gianna! You are friendly (always introducing yourself to new people!), funny (seriously, you are hilarious!), smart, sneaky, strong willed and the most loving girl in the world.

I really don’t care how big you get, you will always be my buglet.  My little girl. The one who had me wrapped around her finger from the moment I felt those hiccups in my belly.  The girl who can light up a room with one smile, make friends with anyone she meets, and whose laugh can turn the worst days around. 

I’m excited to see what adventures three years old will bring – your first dance recital this spring, how surprise you will be when we go back to Disney in the summer, just how much you love school in the fall, how you take on the role of Oldest grandchild and just how much more you grow & learn this year.  You never cease to amaze me or make me smile.

I love you more than words can express, my THREE year old little girl!



Delenn said...

What a wonderful little girl! Happy Birthday!

alison said...

Happy birthday, peanut! You are so loved.

JenM said...

Beautiful letter for an amazing girl!

Aunt Jacqui said...

Love you soo much!!

Danifred said...

Happy belated birthday! Time is flying by.