Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday Night Leftovers: Gianna-isms

  • Gianna pretending to pour a cup over Mike’s head “I’m pouring syrup on you like you’re a pancake”
  • A conversation:
    • Me: How was your day today?
    • G: It was really good. I went to Menches with marina. And I got some chocolate ice cream with a little bit of fruity pebbles (or…sprinkles…) and a BLANA!
    • Me: Wow, that was really nice of Aunt Cori
    • G: Ya, it was.  And I got a new Barbie fishin’ wand so I can go fishin’ with aunt cori and my papa. And it has a practice fish. It’s the best Barbie wand EVER!
  • While sitting outside we had to play rollercoaster with the chairs – why do we buy her toys again??
  • She got her dance costume this week – to which she said “I am so glad to take this cute costume home, for real!”
  • In a panic because we couldn’t find her binkie at bedtime “mommy, does that mean you gave it to the babies*?” me – yep, I guess so. Gianna “no! I’m not ready to give my binkie to the babies!”"
  • she is so DRAMATIC when she talks – she was telling a story today, and complete with her little italian hand gestures and an eye roll she said “I mean, WHAT.THE.HECK?”
  • so far, age 3 has been okay – one of our biggest challenges right now is her wanting to wear what she wants to wear all. the. time and only if it’s pink because “that’s my favorite”.  We do not have enough pink clothing for this to keep up!



Danifred said...

We are continually fighting the clothing battle here. Three is quite the challenging age, in my opinion.

Mazzy said...

I love the things they say, it is awesome. And the picking out the own clothes? UGH. It is exhausting because what she wants is never clean and the girl has a CLOSET FULL. And she argues about shoes and ponytails and seriously? Who is the mom, again?