Sunday, April 8, 2012

It'll be a miracle if I can grow more than weeds....{review post}

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My mom always has the best yard - lots of pretty (BIG!) flowers and last year she had the best herb garden.

I, do not.

But I want to! I try to plant flowers - but the weeds take over and therefore I end up growing weeds instead of pretty flowers.


I killed an entire herb garden last year.


So THIS year! We have cleared out some of the plants from our side yard and I am determined to have a pretty yard.  Or at least a pretty planter.  And I know that  Expand ‘n Gro™ by Miracle-Gro  will be the perfect tool to help me!


It helps grow up to three times more flowers and vegetables (when compared to native soil) and feeds for six months!  Also, the natural fibers hold up to 50% more water than natural soil - so less watering (or, if there is little rain, less worrying about drying out those pretty flowers).  The concentrated planting mix expands up to three times when mixed with water, so it will cover more surface area and FEED THOSE PLANTS!


Along with flowers and our HUGE Hosta plants, I wanted to plant a berry bush this year, or maybe try the herb garden again. Or something.  I think G will really like that as well - she has already been helping me pull weeds this year so I know I will have a helper out there this summer.

Want to try out Expand 'n Gro yourself? Guess WHAT! You can!

Tell me - What does your yard look like?  OR What do you WISH it looked like?

EnG Product Shot.png

Check this out:


Any suggestions on what to plant in a small VERY sunny area that will be pretty and low maintenance?





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1 comment:

Jules said...

:P Our yard is a work in progress (not sure what else you can do when the backyard is entirely a huge hill)

I tend to "steal" plants from my aunt - she's great about what can take full/partial sun or when it bloooms and gives us little transplants (no pun intended) from her bigger plants. You can always plant a spring/summer bloomer and then a fall bloomer so you have color all the time. By the time the heat kills off our daffodil blooms, the tulips are just opening up.