Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Side-Yard Superhero (Book Review and Giveaway)

Kathy from Five Star Publications reached out to me about reviewing Side-Yard Superhero by Ohio native Dr. Rick Niece and I jumped at the chance.


This is a book that defines small-town America, to live in a tight-knit community and what it means to truly be a friend to everyone.

Trust and friendship can go no deeper when a small-town newspaper boy befriends a young man with cerebral palsy, and a lifetime of adventure unfolds.

Side-Yard Superhero chronicles the friendship between Rick and Bernie Jones, who was born with cerebral palsy, and their adventures in small town DeGraff, Ohio.

I loved reading about their adventures (delivering newspapers together and dressing up as Superman and Clark Kent to pass out Halloween candy) and seeing the lifetime of memories and lessons unfold in the process.

Growing up in a small town in Ohio, I could easily relate to many of the stories and community dynamics described in Side-Yard Superhero as well as the lessons that those who appear different can teach us.  My job in high school and college was with handicapped adults, some of whom had cerebral palsy, and the things I learned from those individuals were far more than any impression I could have left on them, I am certain of that.  I was hit with a flood of memories and emotions throughout the book – good memories growing up in small-town USA.

This is an quick, light hearted read and I highly recommend it.  Side-yard Superhero is the first in a series of books by Dr. Rick Niece and I am awaiting the next release in the Fanfare for a Hometown series.

Five Star Publications is offering up a copy of Side-Yard Superhero to one of you beautiful readers!

All you need to do to enter – is tell me if anyone with a disability has made an impression on you in your life. 

Check out the Rick Niece facebook page for updates on the Fanfare for  Hometown series and other exciting information. For every like this month, in celebration of National Disabilities Awareness Month, Dr. Rick Niece will be donating $1 to United Cerebral Palsy.


Giveaway is open through Monday April 2nd 11:59pm EST. Please make sure there is a valid email address in your contact or way to contact you when you win associated with your google profile.

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angie said...

Meeting Miss Seirra, a good friend of mine's little girl, has been such a blessing. Seirra is multi-handicapped with cerebral palsy, autism, and a host of other issues. She has undergone 2 brain surgeries to help with seizures she experiences. She is one of the happiest and most loving children I have ever met. She has been raised in the church and has a profound faith that warms my heart-something I think everyone who is blessed to meet her, experiences.

I am close friends with her mother and she never ceases to amaze me with her strength, faith, and dedication she puts into this child. She is the epitome of self sacrifice. Not only does she advocate for her daughter, but she has become very involved with other families with special needs children-walk them through the red tape that she has already battled!