Sunday, March 18, 2012

assisted baby making v. 1.1

continued from v. 1.0 post

- Dr. Wonderful said, as he was doing the PCT – we are probably going to see “nice clear cervical mucous with lots of good sperm” – I’ll be right back with the results.

- He came back REALLY fast. And when the first words out of a medical professionals mouth are “don’t let this news ruin your day” – you are probably screwed.

- Dr. Wonderful, while he really is wonderful, is also very matter of fact.  So he put it to me straight (which I like) and basically said the best chance for success with this cycle was insemination. tomorrow. and that will be $300.

- I didn't even know this was a possibility – sure I had THOUGHT about “what if” we got to the point of needing to do an IUI, but never did I even imagine that decision would need to be made EVER. let alone in less than 24 hours because no one mentioned the fact that after the PCT – things might need to change. 

- it was a tough, tough day – Mike and I hadn’t talked about this – and both have very strong feelings about this stuff.

- ultimately, we went through with it and for 3 of 5 days last week, a peek at the lady parts by a medical professional is how I started my day.

- did you know after an IUI you can get super bloated and have ridiculous cramps? I didn’t. But I do know.

- I need to have all the facts, and the hardest part of this cycle have been all the unknowns – all the things I wish I had known ahead of time just to be prepared.  But now I know and I survived and am better prepared should I need to be in the future.

- so here we are. in that damn TWW. wondering what has gone so wrong with my body since I had Gianna.  wondering what, should we need to, we will do next, differently, and when it would all go down because we do know that back to back medicated cycles are probably out of the picture for us.  I hate how much my mind wanders sometimes, and I am really trying to just let it be – because it really is out of my hands at this point.



AwkwardMoments said...

I am sorry that you are induced to the IUI club and now know a little too much about assisted baby making. I am sorry that all of this involves money and stress on relationships. love to you

Anonymous said...

So I must be missing something- and I hate to be so nosy- BUT-
So Dr. Wonderful does the post coital test. Meaning he gets a "sample" from your vag, right? And he then goes- to a microscope to look closer? Right? My question is- what did Dr. Wonderful see that made him rush back with the news that you need inseminated?
Bad mucous?
Bad spermies (which doesn't make sense since he wanted to inject them the next day).
(I just want to have a good understanding)

Anonymous said...

Waiting with you and praying for the best!!

Ann B said...

Just wanted to say good luck!

PJ said...

Ugh, so sorry you're having to go through this. Yep. The cramping is from opening up the cervix, I think. I am wondering the same as anonymous. What did the doctor say? It's so funny how different REs do things. 4 years of iui & IVF and we never once did a post coitial. Also, I'm almost certain that I didn't have to go back after the iui until my beta.
Anyway, I'm hopeful that you guys have some luck with this!

alison said...

Sending you soooo much love. You're never far from my thoughts or prayers. xo

Danifred said...

The unknowns are the worst. Secondary infertility is so frustrating. What the heck?!?

Rebecca @ Unexplained X2 said...

Hang in there,'s all so damn hard.