Monday, March 19, 2012

Observations of a Toddler

Gianna is one of the funniest nearly three year olds that I know (no, I am not biased at all…) and I have made some observations that I want to remember forever and ever:

  • Gianna is a VERY CLEAR talker – there is hardly ever any question about what exactly she is saying. But she says some words so funny – I hope I always remember the way she says “elphanent” and “banilla” and “sun scweam”  among so many others.
  • She is a mocker.  She always wants to be just like everyone else – me, her friends, her aunts, etc.  The other day, she sat straight up with her legs crossed and said “so, what’s going on guys” – it was hilarious!  She also does this in sort of, well, in opportune moments – like if a friend is mad or upset about something, she will “mock” them – cry, throw herself on the floor, whatever was just happening – she does it.  It’s a little crazy!
  • The conversations. They are the best.  She now says “so, how was work, mommy?” when I get home. She is caring and concerned.  We just talk about everything together.
  • She has a certain look when she is ignoring you. It’s very distinct and very annoying when she does it.  but, hey! Threenager,
  • she does an awesome job following directions, when she wants too. But she is also good at the whole ignoring thing.
  • When she is in trouble – she gets sent to her room to calm down.  So now, when she doesn’t feel like listening she says “I’m tired, I’m going to bed”  If only it was so easy to get out of cleaning up toys! But again, Threenager
  • The wonder about EVERYTHING is so cool to me, I love exploring things through her.
  • She NEVER wants to eat a meal.  But she always wants a snack……
  • When kids turn three, are they still toddlers? Or preschoolers?

We try to be consistent with our discipline and expectations of her, and I see more and more every single day how important that is – because this girl does not miss a beat!

But overall, two has been easy and fun and totally memorable. 



Jamie said...

She sounds so sweet :)

alison said...

Preschoolers I think... their toddling days are over. :o\

Love her to pieces, she's such a doll!

Deborah said...

I have not heard this term "threenager" before, but I love it! It is so accurate!

Danifred said...

OH the snacking! A certain three year old in our house never wants a meal either. It's ALWAYS about the snack!

Rebecca @ Unexplained X2 said...

Hailey is a snacker and an occasional "ignorer." These are all such cute observations!

I call mine preschoolers b/c they're in preschool. I don't think there are rules though.