Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday Night Leftovers: Plans edition

  • I was able to work from home today – it was a much needed morning with my family.
  • We finished all of our advanced dining reservations for our August Walt Disney World trip and I am so stupidly excited for this trip!
  • There are still lots of plans that need to be made – like our plane reservations and I want to plan some fun stuff to bring for Gianna.
  • I had a monitoring ultrasound today for this cycle.  We had really been debating what we wanted to do this month – but we were just going to move forward with clomid/IUI again.
  • Except I have a cyst, so we’ll just be moving forward on our own for another month.
  • God totally has a sense of humor – I even chuckled as I was leaving the office today.  Considering as he totally made the choice about what to do this month pretty crystal clear.
  • Funny how He gives us little glimpses of His plan for us when we least expect it.
  • Surprisingly, I am okay with all of this.  I don’t really have a choice, of course, but mentally, I feel okay with it.
  • So all of my energy for the month will go in to Easter and planning Gianna’s birthday party.
  • I have a really fun idea for her birthday pictures, so that’s exciting.  I also have about a million ideas (a’la Pineterest, natch) for her party – I need to get.on.the.ball with all that.
  • We finally started the long-standing mental plans I have had to move the rooms around and get some better organization in this house.
  • But, my plans for the rest of the weekend involve a bottle of Barefoot Moscato, a jewelry show tomorrow, an easter egg hunt on Sunday and some more of said bottle of Moscato. 



Anonymous said...

Relax my dear daughter and follow His plan .......

Stepping On Cheerios said...

Mmmmm Moscato:) Stopping by from FNL:)

Jeni said...

Stopping by from FNL...Barefoot Moscato, jewelry, and Disney planning? Sounds like a fantastic combo to me! Enjoy the weekend.