Monday, March 26, 2012

Game over. Try again.

I had a thought this morning as I stared at a digital pregnancy test that was all but screaming “not pregnant” at me. again.

These damn things should at least be more entertaining if they are going to deliver bad news, especially so early in the morning.

Something along the lines of “try again, bitch” would have at least made me chuckle this morning.

Or “Bwahahaha. No.”

“game over” or “better luck next time” could also work.

I think “Maybe if you just would have relaxed” would be a fan favorite.

Although, they are probably going to have to make that little window bigger to fit all the snark.

And if (when) it is positive? There will be instant cheers and a flash mob. And someone to snap a picture so you can forever capture that look of shock, awe and bedhead all wrapped into one nice little package.

For the record, Jen and I totally have the market cornered on this and plan to live the rest of our lives, after we make our millions off of THE digital pregnancy test full o’ snark, with a pool boy feeding us alcohol and helping us into our spanks. Or something like that.



All About the Augustins said...

Sorry to hear the bfn. I think you should totally invent a new pregnancy test! I love the idea! Stay strong!

Amy said...

I'm sorry to hear about your BFN.


Jen said...

It's a solid plan.
I hate this all for you, friend.

hhichristina said...
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Christina said...

I'm sorry to hear about your BFN. I was so hoping this would be your month. Love the new pregnancy test idea.

Deborah said...

Sorry to hear it didn't work out. :( You could have 2 lines of pregnancy tests, an encouraging one (this is normal, try again next month) and a snarky one.

Mazzy said...

I am so sorry to hear it didn't work out this month. I know that sting all too well. Especially after there was CASH MONEY thrown at the cycle. Boy, do I.

But remember this. His timing is better than our own. Easier said after the fact, obviously, but still true.


PJ said...

Ah, dammit. So sorry.

Danifred said...

That sucks! Sorry my friend.