Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers

  • I feel like I should have titled this post:welcome to the crazy. That seems appropriate this week.
  • Lacrosse season started Monday. that means Mike is gone every night for a  few hours at practice, our schedules are now even more jam packed with games and stuff. But it also means it will be getting warmer sooner than later!
  • He is coaching at a new school this year, it is already infinitely better than his last coaching position. I have high hopes for an excellent, stress free, coaching season for him (and many more to follow!). AND! This is a PAID coaching position. He has coached for 7 years. FOR FREE. This is HUGE for him!
  • I start teaching next week. It hasn’t really sunk in yet that I am going to be responsible for the knowledge these people get – but my lectures are coming together nicely. Lets hope I can talk for 4 hours and not bore them to tears.
  • My thesis project is coming along. I hate statistics.
  • I just had to take a blogging intermission to dance with my little Snow White.
  • Last week when I wrote my remembering post, I realize that I did more forgetting than remembering. Expect another remembering post soon!
  • Jewelry business is rocking my world. I can hardly handle the excitement and unexpectedness of this business. The best part? I am always hiring – just ask me about it.
  • Gianna is one step ahead of the flood right now, I was trying to avoid buying her 2T pants for this spring because I know she will hardly wear pants, if ever, during the summer – girlfriend is a dress lover! So I am on a mission for adjustable waist skinny jeans for my skinny girl, you know, since her current 18m pants literally fall off of her!
  • Expect a few interesting posts coming up soon – something about pictures, something about the “order of operations” and you know, general nonsense!
  • I am having dinner with friends tonight and breakfast with different friends tomorrow! I can hardly this almost social life.
  • I can justify going out to eat twice because I saved almost $100 yesterday, over $50 at the grocery store and about the same at CVS. Plus my super super SUPER cheap diapers and wipes from Amazon Mom. Love coupons.
  • Join Danifred and spill your leftovers with the group!


Anonymous said...

So how does the Friday Nights thing work?? LOL

Danifred said...

I'm sure you'll do a great job with the teaching. So exciting! So much fun :)
Ahhhh... spring... let the busy weekends begin!

Rebecca said...

Wait...what are you teaching? I must have missed something (I sucked at blogs this week).

What are you hiring for?

Kudos for saving so much on groceries...I suck at that.