Thursday, March 10, 2011

Remembering some more

I forgot a lot of things in my last post. So here are some more things I don’t want to forget about my nearly-two-year-old little bug-let.

  • She has recently dropped the “you” from no thank you – so it’s “no tanks” all.the.time.
  • every time someone sneezes she says “need a kleenex?”
  • always wants to go “buh byes”
  • puts an “a” at the end of most action words – “take-a shoes off”, “brush-a teeth”, “eat-a blama” (eat a banana"), “mommy do-a dance”
  • talks in 3rd person. Gianna likesa shoes. Gianna wants a snack. Gianna is cute. etc etc etc
  • HATES having her diaper changed. It’s as if I am changing out her legs or something equally painful instead of removing/replacing a diaper.
  • Enjoys “helping” with everything – especially laundry and sweeping the floor with the broom. Let’s hope she enjoys this for a while, eh?
  • Has a white stuffed dog she calls “clarabelle” none of her other “babys” have names except for “cind-a-lel-a”
  • best.laugh.ever.
  • runs “faster” and says “Gianna gooonnaaa getchya” while tickling me. So hilarious.
  • says certain words in this crazy deep, growly voice. it’s very interesting!
  • Just moved to 2T pants because her legs go on for miles. Still wears 18m in most everything else, 12m skirts. size 5.5 shoe. Size 3 diapers.
  • Remembers the names of everyone. Any character she has ever seen on a TV show. Her friends. Family. Everyone. Memory of an elephant, clearly.
  • Has picked up lots of words from her mother – including: sorry, woopsie, oops, lets see.

It’s a wild ride, this toddler-hood business!



Kakunaa said...

I love toddler updates :)

Danifred said...

I love this stage. I wish I could bottle the cuteness up and save it for later.
Diaper changes are the nemesis around here too! You'd think it was torture.