Thursday, March 17, 2011

Heart Breaker

I have been CRAZY BUSY lately between my own school work, getting everything ready for graduation, my awesome jewelry business, teaching and just general craziness.

The past 2 days I haven’t seen Gianna hardly at all. The 10 minutes I saw her yesterday (she spent the day with my sister) she said “I ready go home wiff mommy” over and over. When Mike picked her up for the night she told him she missed me!

I talked to her this afternoon and she said “I miss you mommy”. OH EM GEE cue the waterworks! 

Before I became a mom, and honestly, up until I lost my job – I always considered myself to be pretty tough. Emotional at times, but tough in general. I went back to work and didn’t really seem to miss Gianna all that much. I went back to school and didn’t really seem to miss Gianna all that much. The time we spent together was awesome and I just knew that being gone were things I HAD to do.

Mind over matter I guess, because I didn’t have a choice but to be away so I just made the best of the situation. Being sad all day at work or in class wasn’t going to do me any good, so I just didn’t make a big deal out of it and got lots of love when I got home.


Things are so different! For one thing, Gianna is a mommy’s girl for sure – she really wasn’t at all before. The other thing? She is quite the manipulative toddler! She knows EXACTLY what to say to tug at the heart strings.  I miss her like CRAZY when I am gone all day – but again, when I am away from her it’s because I have to be most of the time – so tomorrow and Saturday we will hang out all day and it will be fun.

I have to get back to my good old mind over matter mentality on the days I work all day – otherwise I will be a weepy mess every time she says “I miss mommy”.



Rebecca said...

This is very are loved.

Danifred said...

It is really hard, I know just what you mean. It makes me try harder to use the time we do have to my advantage. (Easier said than done sometimes)