Sunday, February 27, 2011


Life is totally overwhelming right now and Gianna is growing and changing faster than I can process.

I need to get these things down so I can remember.

  • Gianna is incredibly polite. She says & signs “please”, tells me “no tank you” and “welcome”. She uses “no tank you” all the time like when she doesn’t want to do something she has to – like leave her binky in her crib or eat her dinner.
  • We have conversations. It is so freaking cool.
  • she say “yup” and “yeeees” and “mmhmmm” when agreeing with you.
  • loves yogurt, cheerios and “treats”
  • asks to “snuggle mommy” at least once a day and says “I give you kiss”. cue melting.
  • dancing. all the time.
  • she pretends a lot – pretends to eat, pretends to put her babies to bed, pretends to take a nap!
  • she also started “singing” recently – fan favorites include “twinkle twinkle”, “itsy spider” and “light” (this little light of mine) followed by any disney song you can imagine – particularly “follow the leader” “bibbity bobbity boo" and “MICKEY” which she spells “K-I-M-E-Y. DONALD DUCK!”
  • she counts to 7. “1,2,3,5,6,7” 4 has no place in her life.
  • can “spell” her name out loud. Usually something like “G-I-A-M-O-P” no idea where she got that from
  • her hair is long and gorgeous. and thank GOD she loves to have her hair done!
  • girlfriend loves her shoes and clothes and to shop at target
  • I am sure I have missed some things, she does awesome stuff everyday that shows me I haven’t screwed her up (too much) ((yet))
  • grows more amazing and incredible with each passing moment, more than I could ever imagine.

She is at my sisters right now (she had a sleepover!) and I miss her like crazy when she isn’t here in the mornings.

I never imagined that an almost-two-year-old would be my best friend. But she really is. She is my everything.



alison said...

So fun! She's the best!

Esperanza said...

Oh, all of that sounds sooooo fun! I'm very excited for the day when Isa is that old, but I'm also excited for all the time in between!

Sara said...

Too funny! Cal leaves out 3 all the time when he counts :)

Rebecca said...

I want a long-haired daughter!!! Hailey's still struggling to maintain her mullet!

Love's amazing how much they already know!

Anonymous said...

awwww this makes me want to brag about my 2 year old now! LOL

G seems like such a little sweetheart!! If she ever needs a playmate, Asher is her man! :)

Ps. Asher does the counting thing too but skips 6&7 and goes straight to 8,9,10 lol Have no idea why but its too cute ♥

As always, love reading your blog!

Miss K said...

G and E would be fast friends!

Anonymous said...

Well Aunt Jacqui likes it when you share...