Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers

  • Have I mentioned that I am addicted to Jersey Shore?
  • Because I am. Kind of a lot. Something about it just makes me laugh.
  • I really am still attempting to do my project 365, I just haven’t updated it since like January 3rd. I also am working on the 30 day photo challenge, will update that this weekend, I hope.
  • I didn’t see Gianna for 2 days this week, it totally sucked. But today we went to the park and ended up seeing some friends there, so it was great.
  • The sun was shining and the windows and doors were open all day. YAY SPRINGGGGGGG
  • Our laundry has like quadroupled since lacrosse season started. I hate laundry.
  • This is probably the lamest FNL I have posted in a while, brain is no longer functioning. Maybe it’s because of the Jersey Shore thing….
  • Please visit Jen & leave her some love – she needs it in the worst way.



Danifred said...

I always have some smut that I watch. I think it's good to let our brains do nothing but be entertained, even if it's not quality entertainment. I just finished The Bachelor, so I'll have to find more smut to enjoy :)

Rebecca said...

Jersey Shore is sucking the intelligence out of you, but it hurts so good! I love that damn show!