Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tutu’s and stuff

Holy crap. It’s the last day of March. 11 days until I have a 2 year old.

And that means 10 days until the big “happy tooo you” party!

Let’s talk about said party.

We have GREAT invites made by the wonderful Alison at Ten Tiny Toes Designs:


We have a really cute outfit that includes a pink tutu, new hair bow and this shirt:

And uh, that’s about it?

Food: I have been trying to come up with a menu I like for about 2 weeks with no success. I keep getting as far as chicken fingers w/ dippers (you know, honey & bbq & the like). This week I thought pink lemonade would go with the theme….. Obviously we will need more than just these things.

Suggestions? Anything ballerina –like or just in general tasty is welcome.

For dessert we are having cupcakes and a little cake for G (complete with tutu cake stand!). I am thinking strawberry, black velvet and yellow cake varieties all with pink icing. And for thematic decoration they will be topped with these:

Decorations: grey and pink balloons. Plus I made some tulle pom poms (thanks to these directions) and am pretty excited with how cute they turned out:


I might make one or two more still, we will see! I am recycling last years “happy birthday sign” & covering up the cupcakes with mini tulle pom pom’s! I bought some pink and white tin buckets to put (pink!) silverware in and plan on finding some ballerina –inspired cake plates.

I would love to make some type of centerpiece for the tables (only need 2!) and maybe do some kind of favor for the kids. I found cute little wands for the girls that might work but I’m not sold yet. I thought I could put them in here:


What about for the few boys that will be there?? Suggestions please!

You should SEE the lists I have – one for RSVP’s (helllooo out there, please tell me if you are coming or not!) & one with things I need to do/buy/make/cook etc.

I realize I totally do not need to stress out over this, but I really LOVE party planning and being all crafty when I can. I’ll be excited for the day to get here and for it all to be put together.

And then for time to stand still because OMG I am just not ready for her to turn another year older.



raisingmiles said...

Oh everything will be just fine! Love the pom poms! And the cupcake toppers are fab! Do you have Chick-Fil-A close? They have awesome chicken nuggets platters with dipping sauces. Don't worry about the boys. I have girls coming to Miles' racecar party and I think they will have just as much fun!

alison said...

Looks FAB! You're such a good momma and party planner, she will grow up with memories (and pictures for what she can't remember) of some kickass birthday parties!

Originally I was going to do variations of "Brecken's favorite foods" for his party - like make "grown up" chicken tenders, and do Trader Joe's mac and cheese bites instead of actual mac and cheese.... that type of thing. But I decided it was WAY too much work for me this year. :)

Don't sweat the small stuff, and PLEASE take time to slow down and enjoy her party day, I didn't do that this year and I regret it.

dayna said...

I love birthdays and your ideas are cute, can't wait to see pictures!!

PJ said...

How craaaaaaaaazy is that that she is turning two!!!

And... I have some tutu's on my to buy list. So. Cute!

Danifred said...

super super cute!
I just googled this for you foro food ideas:

Holy yummy!

Rebecca @ Unexplained X2 said...

I hate people who don't RSVP!!! I love the pom poms though...awesome idea.

For boys, anything that is a ball or has wheels...they'll be happy. Also, you can never go wrong with stickers.

Can't wait to hear more about the party!!!