Sunday, March 27, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers…..on Sunday Night

  • I’m late posting this, clearly, but I needed it today! I am sure Danifred won’t mind
  • Spent the weekend visiting a really good friend – just me and my sister – no husbands, no children – it was really nice to get away and have a little fun.
  • Note: I am not able to handle alcohol like I once was.
  • Note Note: We went dancing, I am sure to be sore for days.
  • Things are nuts, and not just nuts in the way they usually are, but a whole new level of CAHRAZY
  • I can’t stop thinking about all the ridiculous, scary, horrible, unfair crap that is going on in my friends’ lives – more than one of them has some serious shit going on and I feel helpless for them. And like a bitch for complaining about the small [comparatively insignificant] stuff that is getting to me lately.
  • Speaking of feeling helpless, I also feel like an asshole texting them the same things all the time. “praying for you” (which I am and I am sure they know that!) “hope things are better today” – but I guess they at least know they really are on my mind, even if I don’t have anything great to say, huh?
  • What does RSVP mean to people? Clearly it does not mean "notify hostess of party whether or not you are coming”…. annoying.
  • Also annoying when people dodge my calls/emails.
  • Gianna got to pick out a toy today at Target. She picked a Beauty and the Beast tea party set. She carried it all around the store with her. We came home and as I was getting her out of the car she said “MOMMY PLAY TEA PARTY!” And we did. And it was beyond cute.
  • My mom is in FL right now. It’s more than 50 degrees warmer there and I say NO FAIR!
  • If you live in NOrtheast Ohio, are reading this blog and have not entered my giveaway for KidsGO Expo tickets – DO IT! And please, pass the info on to your friends so they can enter too!!!
  • Promise to get to the rest of what I owe you sooooooon. I am thinking a birthday party post is in order this week.



Danifred said...

I'm ready to flip my lid with the RSVP crap. Either you're coming or you're not- just tell me! Tot's party is on Friday and I've had to adjust the list twice now (through on-line reservations) because I have to hunt people down AFTER the RSVP date has passed.
And now, I feel better.

Anonymous said...

Just sent out my 2 year old bday party invites. As of yet, 2 RSVP's....BAH.

Rebecca @ Unexplained X2 said...

It drives me CRAZY when people don't RSVP!!! Husband's family is a family of "Regrets Only" (whatever that is) and they clearly don't get sucks!

I think it's good to send those're telling your friend that she's on your mind. That's enough.

Mel said...

Sometimes all you can do is pray. Its truly the best thing you can do for someone. So many people in this world don't have anyone to pray for them or even know the value of prayer. Keep heart! God is always in control.

RSVP ignores are frustrating for sure. With L's parties now I just limit the number of invitees to less than 30 (which, honestly, is still a lot) and then sorta just plan for that many. I make enough favors for all the kids invited and then whatever is left over is more for L later! I try not to spend more than $5 on a favor, so it isn't like I'm wasting big bucks. We also just ordered like 8 pizzas from Cici's and I got 3 dozen cupcakes and you KNOW none of that went wasted. With kids parties, I think I have learned to SIMPLIFY as much as possible. The kids don't care anyways!

Oh, and just a suggestion, we blew up like 100 balloons and laid them all over the floor downstairs (just with a hand pump from the party store) and those were the biggest hit of the entire party. The kids went BERSERK over them!