Sunday, April 11, 2010

A letter to my daughter: one year later

Dear Gianna -
To say you are the light of my life, would be an understatement.  When I wrote about the tiny dancer in my belly, I had no idea the beauty that you would bring.

When you finally arrived, and truly became the center of attention, I still had no way of knowing what that meant.
We made it, precious girl.  We made it through the sleepless nights, the reflux, the laundry.  We made it through the hard parts and ended up here.  Which is not so bad.  It is, in fact, perfect.

It’s been a year of exploring, learning, crying, laughing, smiling.


A year that was harder and more rewarding than any I have experienced to date.  One that you will only know through pictures, letters & stories but one that I will never ever forget.

Out of that year I have been rewarded with a happy, mischievous, lovingly adorable little bug.

2.21  (10)
One who walks all over and explores everything, a girl in constant motion.  Someone who falls down (a lot!), but always picks her self back up.  Has to have everything in organized disarray: if it should be in, you want it out. if it should be up, you want it down. if you should go around, you go through.  A smart cookie who can lose her binky in a mountain of toys but find it when she is ready for her nap.  Waves “hi” and “bye”.  Calls anything resembling a cat “ki ki”.  Knows her mom and dad. Gets really excited to see them.  Loves the water.  Understands a lot and can sign a few words.  Is a very picky eater. And drinker. But it’s ok because one of the calmest times of the day is when you sit and drink your bottle in the morning.  You love to snuggle when you are tired, when you grab your lovey and bury your face into my chest, we both take a deep breath and know it’s time for sleep.

 3.8  (20)
You bring such joy and happiness to everyone you meet. It’s impossible not to smile when you are around.  This is a trait I hope you hang on to.  Smiles go a long way in life.

If the past year is a window into the future, I am blessed beyond words.  You are the reason I get up in the morning & smile throughout the day.  We try to enjoy every second, every tantrum, every smile, every giggle, every everything.  I can’t wait to experience all that lies ahead with you.

Happy 1st Birthday peanut.
Love you so very much,


Anonymous said...

Love you Miss A and Little Miss G more than you'll ever know --- Mom (Grandma) Happy Happy Birthday!

Cindy said...

Happy 1st Birthday, Gianna!! This is the sweetest thing you could have done Miss A. You're a wonderful mommy with a very special little girl. Love you both, Aunt Cindy

Anonymous said...

happy birthday gianna! and i couldnt agrre more that you cant help but smile when shes around! love you both!!

Danifred said...

Happy Birthday sweet Gianna! I am loving watching you grow up :)

JenM said...

Happy Birthday Gianna! What a beautiful letter to your beautiful daughter.

Mama Reg said...

happy birthday to beautiful G! aww that was so wonderful...that will mean so much to her if she ever reads it when she is older :)

Anonymous said...

I know I shouldnt have read that! It made me cry! so beautiful.

renee said...

happy b-day g!