Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Easter Edition

she loved the bunny.


and the basket.


and seeing her baby friends at church.


she even loved cheesing it for the camera with her mom & dad.


but she REALLY loved that princess baby duck.


all on her second Easter, in her 51st week of life.



Laura said...

Love her smiles and how you can tell she is so excited!

What a lovely family you have.

Mama Reg said...


aww baby friends at church :) thats so cute! wow you guys look so cute. awww im glad you guys had a fun family easter!! yayyy!!!!

Danifred said...

So sweet! I can't believe she didn't freak with the Easter Bunny. Good for her (and you)

renee said...

awww what a cutie pie! :D looks like she had lots of fun!

ps easter is annoying for the simple fact that it is never at the same time. maria was 4 days old for her first easter, but a year and a month for her second. just thought i would complain about that since you mentioned it's her second one in less than a year ;-)

Tricia said...

Those pictures are adorable. She sure is a beautiful little girl. Glad she enjoyed her Easter :-)