Wednesday, April 8, 2009

a letter to my daughter

Dear G:

My letters to you started out 'dear baby', then 'dear baby girl' and now you have a name that we love and call you by every day.
You aren't here yet but you have already given us so much joy and happiness it is amazing. I wil never forget the day we found out you were growing in there - after months of trying we finally succeeded in creating a life. Your life.
Your dad and I can not wait for you to arrive so we can see that little dancer who is always making my stomach move so much, and to tickle those little feet that are always trying to stretch out.
We can't wait to see how blue your eyes will be, who's nose and lips you have, if you will lots of hair like I think you do, how long you are (I think you are very tall like your dad) and everything else about you.
So many other people besides your dad and I are anxiously awaiting your arrival - your grandma and grandpa miller, your aunts (and uncle), your other grandparents & family members and all of your "aunts and uncles" that are mom and dad's friends. You are going to have so many people to spoil you rotten and to love you forever.
We have everything ready for you - a beautiful room for you to sleep in, a safe car seat to take you places, a nice stroller to show you off around town and at the park and a wardrobe that any other baby would be jealous of - not to mention your growing shoe collection.
I am sure one day I will miss you being on the inside, protected and safe, where I can read to you easily and dad can share his favorite music with you.
There are a million things we can't wait to teach you, to show you, to learn from you. So many things that I can't put them all on paper.
But we love you. We can't wait to meet you.

See you soon!


Kara said...

awww..this is beautiful! It's amazing how much love you can feel towards that little girl you haven't even met yet..but you still feel as if you already know who she is..incredible!

alicia said...

ahhhhhh i have tears in my eyes! sooo sweet! you are such a sweetheart and will be such a awesome mom, the letter i feel like witting my daughter goes something like this:

"GET OUT CHILD NOW! There are presents and shoes out here, you want them, you know you do!"


so sooon! so soon :)

Trish said...

What a sweet letter that you will be able to share with her someday. Perhaps you should have added something at the end like "so come on out already". :)