Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Catching Up…. Again

  • 2 more weeks of this semester. a few papers, presentations and finals in the way of my 2 week break before summer semester.  Shoot me now.
  • BUT only 1 more year of school. (the benefit of a 2 year program, I am 1/2 way done!)
  • I want a new job. A challenging one with good compensation. That gives me flexible hours. Surely that will come around sometime before hell freezes over, right?
  • House hunting may be the one thing in life that I truly HATE.  I am frustrated, overwhelmed and want to sign a contract before the 30th to get my tax credit! Now – someone find me something nice, not in the ghetto that I can move right into. And afford.
  • Clearly, I am quite the dreamer today based on my previous bullet points, so while we are at it, lets throw in a new summer wardrobe that fits and doesn’t leave me looking like I shit myself because my pants are too big in the ass.
  • Gianna is the funniest little person these days. I love it. That giggle gets me every time!
  • Gianna is also the sleepiest little person these days. Did anyone else’s child start to sleep MORE the older they got?
  • My husband took the baby to the zoo (with her aunts) and took some great pictures. See:4.15 Akron Zoo  (36)
  • NOW! Since I am clearly a wealth of information these days and need any distraction possible to keep me from house hunting studying/paper writing – I want YOU my awesome, beautiful, skinny readers to ask me whatever you want!   Leave me a comment with a question and I promise, crossmyheart, to answer it!   Okay….readyset……GO!


Anonymous said...

when are you going to come visit your sister, brother in law and nephews that miss you??? that truely is the million dollar question.... and I would like an answer.. you did say cross you heart and all...

Danifred said...

Sorry things are so hectic right now, boy can I relate!!!

Okay, some questions for you:
What would your dream house look like/ have?
What do you think G will be when she grows up? Why?
If you could have any job (regardless of talents) what would it be?