Thursday, April 1, 2010

slumberland, where are you?

We have a great bedtime routine with Gianna.
She eats dinner, gets a bath on bath night, we read a book & off to slumberland she goes.
All before 7:30pm

It's painless and comforting.

Once she is in bed - it's a whirlwind of me trying to accomplish no less than 6hours worth of work before my brain shuts down starting at 10pm.

The whirlwind may contain: doing the dishes, making coffee/bottle for the next morning, picking up toys, doing laundry, reading articles, taking tests, writing papers, drinking wine, talking to my husband, watching tv.

Throw in paying bills, returning emails and phone calls, blogging, editing pictures and general dicking around on the internet.

That leaves little time to shower, breathe and wind down from the day.

I tend to want to head to slumberland much much before the days tasks are accomplished. 
This usually happens by about 9pm.  At which time I make such statements to my husband as "it is SO late. I can't believe I am still awake"  or "whooah, I have so much left to do but I am SO tired"  And by 11pm, when I am still trying to finish up the last few odds and ends on that days list, I am dreading getting up in the morning because it is SOOO late.

I try to make myself wrap it all up by 10pm so I can get to bed, talk to my husband and get to sleep before 11pm.

I have an earlier bedtime as an adult than I ever did as a teenager.  As a college student I would stay up bullshitting with my roomates studying for HOURS, get up for class in the morning and still feel somewhat human.  I wasn't even on the coffee back then, how did I ever make it?!!
If you asked me to stay up until 3am now, get up by 7am and act like I got 8 full hours of sleep I would tell you to screw yourself and pass the coffee, a blanket & a pillow.  Hell, being up until 11 and getting up for work in the morning sometimes makes feel like I am hungover simply from lack of sleep.  

How about you, well-rested, beautiful readers? Are you night owls or early birds? (for the record, I am a 10am-bird... I hate getting up early and I hate staying up late)


Danifred said...

I am a serious night owl, even though I am always exhausted. I have so much trouble getting myself to bed. I do my best work at night.

renee said...

i'm neither. lol :D i have a TON of trouble with the sleeping thing. i can't get to sleep no matter how hard i try (or don't try), then once i'm asleep, if i wake up, i'm up. i can't get back to sleep for anything. no matter what time it is. it's infuriating lol. we definitely are in the school of the kids going to bed by 8:00. i can't stand ppl who let their kids stay up until all hours of the night. kids need at least 12 hrs of sleep per 24 hrs. and also, josh and i need that time to unwind and talk...etc. ;-). honestly when i think about how we used to leave the house at 1am to go to a club, it's hilarious to me. now, if we can't get a movie or show finished by 10:15, forget about it. lol. i'd be lost without the dvr :D

Tricia said...

I was never one to be able to stay up late and then function in the morning. Becoming a mom should be very interesting for me :-)

Mama Reg said...

hmmm...i think im a night owl :) we have a similiar sched, gabes sleep time is usually that time in the evening is for similiar activities, last minute chores, sitting with mike, watching trash on tv lol...

i think my problem is, i stay awake until i almost absolutely cannot keep my eyes open, because it insures i will fall asleep when i get into bed, which is sometimes hard to do! then no matter what time gabe and i wake up, i feel tired! i feel like its a bad habit, that i should make myself go to bed much sooner! :)

Rebecca said...

I try so hard to be upstairs by 10:00 and have the lights off by 11:00. It's so hard though...I can't say that I actually get anything done during the time that the twins go to bed and when I go to bed...I just decompress (or tutor 3 nights a week...guess that counts for something)! You're not alone!!!