Thursday, April 16, 2009

a letter to my daughter: part 2

Dear Gianna,

You have finally made it into this world, and it was the most amazing, surreal experience I have ever had.
All that I was afraid of and worried about - none of it mattered once they told me you would be here soon. I focused on you - seeing your face, hands, feet. We had some scary times waiting on you - but you are a strong girl and pulled through perfectly [and the nurses/doctors were incredible]
Your dad, aunts and grandma were the best coaches I could have asked for and being able to experience such an important, incredible thing with all of them is something that I will never forget.

Your dad was perfect. I fell in love with him a thousand times over that day, and everyday since you have been here. He loves you so much that you can feel it and see it all over his face. It is amazing that the two of us, through our love and commitment to each other, have created you - our perfect, beautiful daughter.

You have been surrounded by people who love you since before you were brought into this world. So many visitors have come to meet you - and love you - you have been the center of everyone's attention. It amazes me how much one little life can touch so many people.

You are very much the biggest part of our life, the biggest blessing we could have asked for. There are a million things we are anxious to experience with you - but for right now we are enjoying every second because we know you will be grown up soon enough.
You have so much to look forward to in life.
Love you so very much,
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Mel said...

Cutie-patootie! You are so right with the hair... our girls are fierce with the locks!!!
Sweet letter! ;)

Tiff said...

She's gorgeous! COngrats!

renee said...

you never love your husband more as a man, then when you see him as a father.

Anonymous said...

Andrea & Mike - congrats she is gorgeous!!!

- Nora (nestie group)

Trish said...

Your daughter is so lucky to have parents like you and your hubby!
Congrats again!

Aunt Krissy said...

She's the best niece a girl could ask for :)

along with one of the best sisters a girl could ask for :)

Kate said...

Congrats - she is beautiful!

Aunt Jacqui said...

I think you need to post some pictures of gianna with her aunts!! Tell her I love her and her mom, and dad!

alicia said...

ahhh! she is soo cute! and you are soo cute! congrats again sweetie! she is amazing.