Monday, April 26, 2010

Ask & You Shall Receive

I asked for blogger questions in my last post.... so to the 2 people who asked something, thanks!

From Anon: when are you going to come visit your sister, brother in law and nephews that miss you???
: I promise to visit you and the dogs soon. Maybe next weekend or the weekend after.  I love you!

From Danifred: What would your dream house look like/ have?

 : I LOVE century homes. I would want to keep the built-ins and cool handcrafted features but modernize the rest of the house.  Huge outdoor living space including a balcony off our bedroom.  I also want a pool, hottub and cabana boy to take care of it. And, possibly someone to do the laundry for me.....

What do you think G will be when she grows up? Why?

 : Right now, I would say she is going to be a dancer.  She is ALWAYS in motion. Always dancing.  She'll have to work on her gracefullness a bit though....  Or, an engineer.  She is constantly trying to figure out how things work, where they go etc.

If you could have any job (regardless of talents) what would it be?
 : Party planner!  I love having parties, hosting large groups of people, being creative and making sure people have fun at a party they won't forget.  Of course, I would be using other people's $$ to provide them such awesomeness!  And. It would work pretty well with staying home.


Danifred said...

Horray for answers!

I love the party planning idea. I could totally get into that. I've also thought I would like to be a realtor just so that I could see the inside of everyone's houses. I'm a voyeur like that.

renee said...

whoops...sorry. this is why i need to start checking blogger every day lol. good answers and good questions (especially jacquis lol). my question would would you handle a SIL dead-set on pissing you off and turning everyone against you. oh wait, that would just help me...well, i'm still wondering, sooo...? ;-)