Tuesday, May 13, 2008

teaser tuesday

so i decided to try something new to entertain myself [and hopefully you] in my constant state of studying the next 4/5 weeks & b/c i predict my blogging will be less... so to break up the monotony while i am in my selfproclaimedhell and to show you a few of my favorite things i thought i would give this a shot?!!*
on with the show.....

this cute little guy is Doc, our chinchilla (chin-chill-aaa). we have had him for a little over a year now. he loves bananas, timothy hay, empty toilet paper tubes, dust baths and long runs in his wheel.
for the record, Doc is not a rabbit, or a rat, or a gerbil or any other rodent - he is very soft, likes to nibble but doesn't bite, and hops.

in other news - should O today or tomorrow according to the calendar, we'll see what the OPK's say. I think the B6 is doing something for me, that's good at least!

in other, other news - i think if i pile up one more thing on my heaping high pile of things that need to get done, they, and by default me, are all going to come toppling down.

*if you think it's ridiculous/wierd/themostawesomeideaEVER etc don't hold back!
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