Sunday, May 25, 2008

Snap out of it

i am officially annoyed at myself and my body at the end of this TWW.

i have been really good [by my own standards] at keeping my mind off of things, not focusing too much on the if's and just doing what i need to do everyday. but all of a sudden - like yesterday - i woke up thinking "should i have drank that beer last night?" (you know, for the 'baby's' sake) and since then - that is all i can think about no matter how hard i try not too.

I do not necessarily think i am pregnant, yes i feel like my uterus might be taking over my body with all of the cramping i have been feeling the past few days - but i did play with the WiiFit the other night! I also have had plenty of other nonspecific things going on that should mean absolutly nothing, but I think way too much about them. But - I do not want to take a test until I "need" too. Last month really put me in a funk after all those BFN's and I would rather not.

So, I just need to snap out of this mind set, enjoy the party I am throwing today, focus on studying starting tomorrow and if something wonderful happens on Wed.... well, then it will be the best birthday in the world. [and if it doesn't, it will still be a good day.]


seussgirl said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog; glad to find you!
Have fun with your party today!

Anonymous said...

Hi there Andrea!
Here through NaComLeavMo... well done for keeping busy (and well done Andrea's Mum!), it's hard when you have pregnancy possibilities lurking constantly at the back of your mind and they're driving you to distraction. I had to keep constantly busy during my TTC time - and threw many parties to console self!

DC said...

I know it's easier said than done, but please try not to obsess over every little thing you do during the 2WW. One beer will not hurt your baby. Heck, your little embie might even enjoy Wii Fit!! If we put our entire lives on hold to TTC, we'd be totally miserable all the time.

I just started blogging yesterday (just in time for NaComLeavMo!), so please stop by and say hello if you get a chance. :)

Best of luck to you! I hope you get your BFP this month!!

Laura said...


Hope you have a great party & a great day & that the TWW ends the way you want it to.

DC said...

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog to say hello! I look forward to following your journey and am keeping my fingers crossed for your BFP!!!

Tiffanie said...

the tww blows, but don't beat yourself up about the beer. it does no good! enjoy yourself and only poas if you REALLY have to. trust me.

Nine said...

The 2ww is absolutley no fun- but I wouldn't worry to much about enjoying yourself. I hope you get a BFP this month! I'll be checking in to see how things go- best of luck!

momofonefornow said...

Hi there, I am over from NaComLeavMo. I know that the 2ww is the worst but I have an idea. I will worry about your beer for you and that way you don't have to. We could try it anyway. :0)

Seriously, I hope it all goes well, I am sending happy baby thoughts your way.