Monday, May 19, 2008

1 down, 1 left

tests that is.

until the end of my 2nd year of medical school. i have been waiting to say that for 2 years.

today's test was pretty easy, or i just knew what i was talking about! now i need to study for the CBSE exam that is friday [or the baby boards as i like to call it] but i am taking today off... ok not really but kind of. i am exhausted, my house is a freaking mess, and there are a lot of things that i need to get done!
in other news --- i need to say congrats to my cousins in FL, they announced that they are expecting their 2nd child, 11 years after their first! I was the flowergirl in their wedding 20yrs ago, how crazy and exciting for them.*

in our own TTC news --- we are TWW'ing it out right now. and really, it's not a big deal. if there are any of those fabled 'early pregnancy sx's'** this cycle - i am too busy/focused on other things/exhausted to even pick up on them. the husband seems to be more interested in it this time than me, maybe b/c i was "so sure" last cycle and subsequently "so disappointed" that i really don't want to get too wrapped up in all the signs/sx's/testing again - only for a let down. and again - the being insanely busy/preoccupied thing again - that is helping me along!

and a happy birthday is in order for Kim today - hope you have a fun vacation!

*i was thinking how cool (though probably unlikely on this end) it would be if we had children around the same time! oh, and i found out another aquaintance is also expecting... go fig.
**i really think these are all a myth made up by HPT manufactures..... think about it.

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Mel said...

good luck on that last test!!!!
congrats for the nearing end of your school year!!!! =)
what an accomplishment. ;)