Tuesday, May 27, 2008

2 for 1

b/c i feel like being a *superblogger* today, here i am again! and b/c i have gotten so many new faces {hiii! thanks for coming!} through NaComLeavMo, and to keep my mind off of the eversoclose end of this TWW*, here is a list....

"officially unofficial top 10 things i hate to love" **
  • 10) the fact that i am an early riser. can not physically sleep in even on the weekends - but i do get a lot accomplished in a day.... [even if i may require a nap here and there]
  • 9) studying. ok, so maybe it's a love:hate relationship - i hate doing it, but love when it pays off in the end. [like... hopefully big time on June 25th]
  • 8) my love affair with water - i mean yes it's great to drink and keeps me hydrated - it also keeps me in the f'in bathroom 34543x a day!
  • 7) ice cream. delish - but i think you see the downside here.
  • 6) windy [but sunny] days. i love to take walks on these days, hate what happens to my hair.
  • 5) organizing. everything. i can't stand clutter/mess/etc - i can not work if things are not in their right place. it can be a problem at times.
  • 4) tanning/the sun - i can't help it people, i worship it. i know how bad it is for me - cross my heart i do, but still i bake....
  • 3) my husbands affair with lacrosse - i love watching him coach, i actually even love going to the games and watching on tv - i just wish they were at different times, the weather was always warm and it didn't steal so much of his time.
  • 2) certain tv shows [grey's, ER, project runway, top chef] that might, maybe, monoplize an entire evening if i don't get to watch b/c NO we don't have DVR.
  • 1) SHOES!! one great satisfaction i have in life is buying them -- wearing them too. but, the bank account sometimes gets angry when i go shopping AND there's a shoe sale [but my closet sure loves it!]

soo tell me - what do you hate to love??

*close being tomorrow - i will update as appropriate

**stay tuned for my "offically unofficial things i love to hate" list....


C said...

Coming to you from NaComLeavMo! I hate to love reality television shows. I can actually hear points slipping off my IQ when I watch "The Real World."

chicklet said...

mmmm, ice cream!

DC said...

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog to say hello!

I am with you on the tanning. One of the worst things about my lupus diagnosis is they told me I have to stay out of the sun. This is like telling me I can never eat chocolate or cheese, ever again. I used to be a total beach bunny. (I love on the beach in Southern California, for goodness sakes!) And now I'm a white, pasty mess. Yuck!

Anyway, I love your blog and hope we can stay in touch!

Calliope said...

I don't even beat myself up anymore about reality tv shows. all that time wasted on the beating is better spent watching SO you think you can dance!
& if I had a husband that played lacross you can bet your ass it would be on my list of things I love! heh


Kim said...

I would have many of the same on my list - ice cream, organizing, shoes, tv, etc! Hope you get good news on Wednesday! Happy Birthday - love the camera!

Jill said...

Chocolate. I love chocolate, but I hate what it does to my bootie.