Friday, May 9, 2008

growing years

it's fffffriday folks. i don't know about you but it's been kind of a long week for me - but i am pretty sure every week from now until mmmm the end of june is going to painfully long and endless.

i promise to try and keep my whining about studying/having no life/missing the beginning of summer to a minimum since [if all goes well] it "will all be worth it" as i keep hearing like a broken freaking record. but - it hasn't started yet - 15 days and counting......


in other news -- someone i know has a bday tomorrow... someone who looks just like me (but isn't my twin....) who could it be????

oh look - it's her:

my not-so-little sister is 17 tomorrow!!



What else is this weekend.... something..... something.....

Oh yes! Mother's Day! I had hoped to be celebrating this day along with my mama this year - but you know, it's ok.
I will celebrate her b/c i love her the most - no other mom could better! or more caring/understanding/generous - she is just the best friend/mom/person ever.
more news on my mom in a few weeks... can't wait to share that with everyone!!!

I also love my MIL - she is a great person too.

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Tiffanie said...

ahhh, the misery that is higher education. i will be hating life right along with you all summer. complain anytime.