Wednesday, May 7, 2008

beauTy in the breakdown

so i was referred to this article [well post really] earlier today. it stemed from an incident where a dog bit or snapped at a kid who had a cheeto. the reader's digest version if you are too lazy to click on the link - someone is defending their position on why being a pet "mom" is equiv. to being a people mom and somehow adoption is thrown in there along with mumblings of overpopulation, pet abandoning and my personal kicker: choosing to have biological children is not adding to the benefit of mankind.

ya.. um. WOW!

the subsequent replies to the much longer original post were just as "wow" and i really could not read but like 10 of the 23040972 without getting all bent out of shape. then i realized WAIT! this person wants this reaction - clearly. also, i don't know the original situation nor did i take the time to look for it - so i am not judging anyone for their opinions at all, if we all didn't have our own this place we live would be pretty boar-ing.

in my personal, humble opinion on the bottom line - every.single.person is a benefit to mankind - despite their flaws, no matter how fatal they may be. we learn from each others mistakes and tragedy, we benefit from each others triumphs and genius. there is perfection in everyone somewhere - you just need to be looking from a different angle at times.

on the biological children end of my life -- i decided to start taking B6 after much thought on the subject. I am not big on the vitamins/herbicutical part of medicine but B6 is mild so why not. it goes with my flinestones! (ya seriously.) that is all to report on that front!

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Mel said...

my RE is a big advocate of B complex and B12 and I have been taking them ever since I started seeing him! not a big herbal person, either, but why not, right?