Thursday, May 15, 2008


i got a migraine last night.

what happens to me when i have a migraine: normal...normal...normal...BAM migraine (plz refrain from any lights, making any noise, anything that smells at all and walking around me b/c the vibration from your feet goes right to my right eye where the pain is boaring through my head) and i am out for the count until the next day, probably nausea/vomiting and just generally miserable - sleeping until morning.

normal for me really, about Qmonth even with my medicine - what is there to be scared of?

getting one while studying for boards when i only have 29d to cram 2yrs worth of material into my little brain. SHIT.

as far as the babymaking goes - um i don't know?!! according to the calendar i should have O yesterday. the OPK was negative from mon-wed. today, i am having Lsided [what i think are] O cramping/pains. i think we are covered for the month as far as BDing goes (minus last night) but you can never be too sure right?!!

1 comment:

Mel said...

bummer about the migraine, those are just the worst. :(
hoping that is indeed ovulation in the works for you!!!