Saturday, April 5, 2008

where's andrea?

next year it'll be like a game to see which hospital i am at, for which service and for how long! (for you and me....)

we had our "auction" yesterday - it was nothing less than interesting - but for those of you that care, and those that don't - i am posting this anyway.

  • 8/11-10/17/08 - Internal Medicine - Summa (Akron City)
  • 10/20-12/19/08 - Surgery - Mercy Medical Center
  • 1/12-2/20/09 - Psychiatry - AGMC/St. Thomas
  • 2/23-4/3/09 - Family Practice - Barberton
  • 4/27-6/12/09 - Pediatrics - Akron Children's
  • 6/15-7/31/09 - OB/GYN - AGMC

So there you have it, it's not exactly what I wanted, but it's almost perfect so I'm not gonna complain! and it's all close to home.

now... lets pass step 1 (since i am no longer stressing about the academic year) and this schedule will be officially active..... - and GO!

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