Tuesday, April 22, 2008

looking back, looking up

some things have been happening lately that have little to do with babies and much to do with my crazy life... and the past/present/future versions of it. i don't like to talk about most of those parts - its not pretty, its not glamorous, and its far from being happy.

Last night my mom met with my dad's mom for dinner. why is this a big deal you ask? My parent's have been divorced for about 10 yrs, and that is about the last contact I have with said 'grandparents' (who lived fairly close by). Granted my entire life that relationship was strained [no we aren't going there, you're welcome.] but come on people! So this sudden need from her to meet with my mom was sudden and odd. The 'meeting' I guess went ok - it was basically her telling my mom about how sorry she was for how my dad treated us [uh don't you mean for ignoring it all those years?] blah blah blah. Honestly, and I know this is a terrible thing to say, if I never see her (or anyone from that side of the family) ever again I wouldn't miss a thing - I mean damn, my dad has been back in OH for like 4 mo. and I haven't seen him since my wedding a year ago. They hurt me in ways that I can't begin to describe, in ways I am still discovering and in ways that they will never understand. So - needless to say, that is something that I can't seem to get out of my mind right now.....

On a different note, Mike and I had been doing ok as far as his work and things go - making things work etc. Then, all of a sudden, in 2 days we got not 1, not 2, but 3 unexpected bills.... and one dentist bill that should have been covered that wasn't?!! [currently working on that one..] Mike has his last interview for UPS this morning - please pray for him to get this position, it will be the biggest help at the moment and a great stepping stone in the right direction for him and for us. He needs a 'pick me up' right now too - he's been having a tough few days as far as work goes.

but for one person - things got better yesterday! Rochelle got hired full-time at her job (from being a sub.) - yay!! I am so happy for her :) Let's hope today is our day for better things....

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