Wednesday, April 9, 2008

cd what?

last time i used the intitials cd they stood for compact disc - now they have an entirely new meaning.....

cd = cycle day.

for some reason i am having a hard time keeping track of said cd's (i think i am on cd7 right now but really i don't know for sure) maybe it's b/c i have too much other stuff to think about - but really i think it's b/c i am not really clued into the whole deal. The reason i am keeping track is b/c we are planning on using OPK's this month - starting around cd10 - see why this is important now? (ok so it's not that important but still!)

cd = class days [left].

how many are left until the end of M2 year? i'm not really counting or anything (40...) i just want it to be o.v.e.r! 3 written tests, 2 presentations, 2 or 3 oral tests (ie "doctor stuff") and probably some other exam type stuff thrown in there too [just to make sure i am 'ready' to 'move on' i guess?] oh and a bunch of paperwork that is due in the middle of that -- oh b/c i have so much free time!

cd = crazy days [ahead].

what will happen after the nxt 40 days are over, also known as boards studying. we are required to put together a study schedule, and lets face it, even if we weren't, i would do it anyway. so i am starting to get ideas from other people who have "been there done that". i will have 29d to study - and i will be studying of those days for at least 10h (maybe more?). thinking about it makes me tear up a little. when i have my schedule done i will be sure to share my misery with everyone..... i know you are all dying to know how i will spend the month of june.

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Jill said...

yeah...... Glad I never wante to be a doctor!