Monday, April 28, 2008

its like devils advocate around here

"take a nap"
" do some work, then you can relax tomorrow"

"take another HPT - depress yourself further"
"stay away from the bathroom... and the internet..."

"eat more food - compound the depression w/ the scale"
"work out"

such choices - what is a girl to do... i'll tell you what i am not going to do [again] is take another test... cuz i did that again today... bad. why do i do such things to myself? plz tell me - oh yes i know. b/c i am a glutton for punishment that is right, how could i forgot - we have discussed.

I will also tell you that i don't have school tomorrow [am lucky. kinda] but i have a project to work and research to finish up [typical] as well as a class that started today (last one!!!!) so i should really be making the right choices here. but i have all day tomorrow to do them.... everyone of you should be saying in unison "be a good student andrea and do your shit"

i did finish my study schedule yestereday - it's, ugh, well it is what it is. i'll share.

i realize you can not read that therefore you can not appreciate the excitment... click to fully enjoy. But - that is my life from 8-6 everday may 26-june25th. cross your fingers kids it's gonna be a wild ride.

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