Wednesday, April 2, 2008

::tick tock::

is it friday yet? b/c that would be fabulous - i would know if the reason i have felt like complete CRAP the past few days is b/c i am getting the flu or a little person is nesting inside of me......

since i feel like being a big baby at the moment - here are my symptoms:
  • nausea - constantly after 5p past 3 or so days, and in the am too sometimes
  • sore throat since thursday
  • heart burn
  • headaches (migraine 2 days ago... but i get those as we all know)
  • t.i.r.e.d - i took a nap! 2 days in a row!
  • my belly hurts (nausea? cramps? waaahhhh)

ok that's enough i think.... i'm sure i could come up with more, but that is enough! (and the other stuff may be TMI!) I know i said that this time the 'tww' or w/e had gone pretty fast, and yes that is true - until today. all of a sudden i just need it to be friday, or i should just be a big girl and go buy a freaking test and take it so i stop my wondering already and can get on with my life. As we all know, i am not the most optomistic of people so i don't really think i am pg, i guess i want to just know for sure i am not? or that i am? Every month when it gets to this stage i get all wierd about it.

But - on the flip side, one of my best friends could be pg at the same time as me, so send your baby dust to both of us - at the same time plz as this would be cool. we are both trying - so yes we would appreciate to have babies together!

Oh and send some to Jen -she would also love some of your baby dust, i don't mind sharing, as you can tell by all of the women who surround me, there is enough to go around.

I'll be back in a few days - probably with a thumbs up or a thumbs down (and maybe even some news to share about what hospitals you can find me at starting in august... ooh aahhh....)


Eggie said...

Sending you baby dust!!

Jen said...

Yay! I got a shout out!
Good luck - I'm wishing for Friday, too if it makes you feel better (I know, it doesn't).

Jill said...

LOTS of baby dust!