Saturday, April 5, 2008

a house, a better investment than a baby

yes this is really what someone told my husband, the someone has children.

this is one reason i wish no one knew we were TTC - but clearly since i have told the internet, that whole privacy thing has gone out the window some. But in reality, only a handful of people know, and of those handful it's a sixty:forty split of opinions on whether mike and i are "old enough", "rich enough", "mature enough", "____ enough" to have a child. (the 60's are ok with it and the 40's have other ideas of when the 'right time' would be)

to this - i am slightly annoyed b/c most of the people who choose to share their not-so-humble opinions i value very much, but honestly, do you think before you speak? I am not a very spontaneous person - in fact, i have made quite good friends with my excel software and use it for very strange things (story for a different day) - but what i am getting at here is the whole "let's have a baby" thing didn't just come up on a whim. In the past 4-5 months we have hit a few (1-2) speed bumps that would have been there anyhow, we are/have dealt with them and are moving on and up.

I have researched the cost of the most expensive 'baby things' - ie daycare, to a certain extent and we are not unprepared as seems to be such a popular belief for some reason. We have discussed all possible situations that we could come up with and those that others threw our way and still, we want to start a family. While we value [mostof] your opinions, we would love it if you did the same with ours.

So from the outside it might not look like the right time what with me running around like a chicken with it's head cut off most days of the week and mike doing all the stuff he does - but from the inside - it's pretty close to being perfect.*

*perfect besides the fact that we aren't pg yet...


Eggie said...

Everyone has an opinion that they feel should be shared, some better then others.
You do not need a house to have a baby...all you need is a home.

Besides with the way our economy is going, you don't want a house right now anyway...well unless you were living out of a box or something.

Jill said...

I agree with "eggie" :) Tell them to shove it!

Jen said...

A brain...a better investment than a mouth.